Story of Historic Hotel in Murchison

A new book relating the history and chequered career over time of the well-known hotel beside Murchison’s iconic bridge over the Goulburn River in central Victoria, was launched at the end of April.
The Autumn colours of the vine covered pergola in the rear courtyard of the historic hotel now called Thornebridge, provided a picturesque setting for the fifty people that attended the launch, among them members of the Thorne and Gregory families, past owners of the hotel. It was also a privilege to have Don Garden, President of Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV), Charles Sowerwine, Chair of RHSV Heritage Committee and Susan Foley attend the event. After Jenny introduced her new book everyone enjoyed a delightful afternoon tea prepared by the catering team from Murchison & District Historical Society.

Jenny presented an outline of the book

Keen history researcher and author of many books about Victoria’s stately homes and mansions, Jenny O’Donnell, has compiled this attractive publication. Jenny writes about the beginnings of the hotel, starting with the Thorne family who built the hotel, it’s subsequent owners, notable patrons, it’s rise to become ‘the Mecca of the Goulburn Valley’, its fall into disrepair, as a derelict, vandalised wreck, to its new life, now a beautifully restored building worthy of its Victorian Heritage Register listing. Through diligent research, Jenny has been able to correctly date the planting of the notably large and magnificent London Plane tree that shades the front of the building which is also listed on Victoria’s Heritage Register. Images of the restoration by the current owners completes a great record of this hotel’s life, fondly known in living memory as Gregory’s Hotel by locals, the building now embarks on a new stage in its life as Thornebridge.


The book, THORNEBRIDGE THE BRIDGE HOTEL at MURCHISON, priced at $20. can be purchased from the Murchison Heritage Centre, 4 Stevenson Street, open Saturday mornings from 10am – 12.30pm or to arrange to have a copy posted, email:

Large London Plane tree is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register

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