Over 50 places of heritage and historical significance are open over two days next month, Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March. (Mosques and Temple Tour will take place on THURSDAY 21ST MARCH). Entry to all venues is FREE. Booklets are available that detail what is on offer, opening hours (variable) and other information. These can be picked up from libraries, Museums, Neighbourhood Houses and Council Offices and at some commercial businesses. Further information can be obtained via website: http://www.greatershepparton.com.au

There are bus tours, walking tours and independent visiting to venues as well. Tours require booking – 5832 9730.

Places to see around the Murchison area are:

  • Christ Church Anglican Church – notable stained glass windows
  • Day’s Mill and Farm complex
  • Dhurringile Mansion – booking required
  • Former Moorilim Catholic Church – booking required
  • Irrigation Tour – booking required
  • Murchison Cemetery and Ossario, talk and tour 10am 11am 12md
  • Murchison Heritage Centre

Ossario Murchison Cemetery


Stained Glass Windows Christ  Church


Day’s Mill and Farm complex

Goulburn Weir
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