As usual, this well attended and well organised event was a great success, starting at 8am with a free breakfast prepared by our wonderful volunteers from State Emergency Service. The weather was mild with a light breeze, ideal for enjoying the lovely swimming pool setting.

Bec Hance provided music and song

MC Bruce Smith did a sterling job keeping the programme moving, announcing lots of awards to our primary school children for their colouring and essay competitions, introducing dignitaries and our own talented musician Bec Hance who entertained us with guitar and songs.

Our guest speaker was Dhurringile local, Sarah Niglia who has achieved so much, from running her own business to excelling in the teaching profession – an inspiring address encouraging any young person to aim for excellence, to attempt challenges and reap the rewards of striving to be the best they can be, which is incidentally, the motto of Murchison Primary School.

Sarah Niglia was our guest speaker

Murchison Citizen of the Year 2019 was awarded to Shelly McCormick, so well deserved for all the support and hard work Shelly has contributed to our town, from sporting organisations to service clubs and of course in her role as Business Manager at Murchison Primary School where she devotes her skills over and above the call of duty. Shelly is often the first to arrive and last to leave and has a wealth of knowledge that she draws on to respond to many requests from both staff and the wider community.

Murchison Citizen of the Year 2019, Shelly McCormick


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