Meteorite Park Rejuvenation

The first step in the upgrade of Meteorite Park saw all the school children from Murchison Primary School planting over 300 native shrubs, ground covers and grasses on the first and second of June.

Primary School children busy planting out

This was a joint initiative of the Murchison Primary School, Kindergarten, Historical Society and City of Greater Shepparton.
The local school children planted out over the two days, each class group attending in relays. Provision of the plants was made possible by the One Tree Per Child project, an initiative of Olivia Newton-John and John Dee. Their web-site has good information ( The programme is aimed at understanding and encouraging volunteering in our local communities as well as providing the many benefits of planting trees and shrubs.
The program is accessed via Local Councils and overseen by Council Staff. Local volunteers also gave their time, labour and use of equipment for several days beforehand to prepare the site.
Teachers, parents, grandparents and Historical Society members entered into the busy activity assisting children to plant out, place weed-mats and guards around each plant and hammer in stakes. The children were amazingly enthusiastic and did a great job. The tree guards were brightly decorated by each child from the Pre-school as well as the Primary School children.
More improvements to Meteorite Park are planned over the next two years so it will be looking good when we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the fall of our famous Murchison Meteorite in 2019!

The day’s work done

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