Amazing Restoration to District Icon

Tim Linton was guest speaker at the Murchison Historical Society Meeting in April relating the journey over 20 years restoring the well-known and historic hotel by the bridge in Murchison. Now known as Thornebridge the building has a new identity and is open to provide accommodation.

Built by Henry Thorne, the hotel was completed in 1868 and originally known as Thorne’s Bridge Hotel and Store. It was next purchased by E. J. Gregory in 1895 who was a prominent citizen and very involved in the civic affairs of Murchison. The Hotel was held in high regard by tourists, commercial travellers and locals and the entries in the visitor’s book during the ownership of the Gregory family reflect many distinguished guests stayed at the hotel and many came from overseas. It was known as the “Mecca of the Valley” with its setting by the river, having four acres of outstanding gardens and a reputation for fine dining.

The hotel stayed in the hands of the Gregory family until 1940 when the Isherwood family took over. Known locally as Gregory’s Hotel the building is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register due to its “architectural significance as a representative example of a substantial two-storeyed brick country hotel with stables of the 1860s with cast iron decorative panels to the return verandah.” The large London Plane tree at the front of the hotel, planted in 1916 is also noted on the Heritage register for its large size, form and branch structure and is the 4th biggest in the State.



A much neglected, derelict building for many years, the hotel is now cared for and in good order, and Tim and partner Clare have done a mighty job restoring the building from the foundations to the roof top and have fitted out the rooms beautifully with period furniture and fittings.

Thornebridge Bed and Breakfast


Anyone staying there is sure to appreciate the quality of the restoration and the atmosphere of stepping back in time to the grand old days of yesteryear. You can book accommodation there now @ Airbnb and they are on facebook @Thornebridge.

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