John Ball, Anne Finlay, Kay Ball, Warwick Finlay, photograph taken by Marg Lock

The enthusiasm and effective work of the members of the Murchison and District Historical Society was acknowledged with an Award at the Biennial Greater Shepparton Cultural Heritage Awards held in April.

The Award recognised the development of the Heritage Centre in Murchison providing .. “contributions to cultural heritage conservation, research, education, promotion, interpretation, training and awareness raising within the Municipality.”

The second stage of the development of the Heritage Centre, opened in 2014, has been a success in regard to the way the building now provides a much improved experience for the visitor and also for the volunteers giving their time and expertise to meet the aims of the Society.

Visitor numbers have increased over the last three years from approximately 400 in 2014 to 600 in 2015 and last year numbered over 800. Our Heritage Centre is more visible and has a welcoming ‘shop-front’ entrance, is suitable for all abilities and has an excellent function/meeting room and kitchen.

The Awards are organised by the Greater Shepparton Heritage Advisory Committee each two years and there are 8 categories that recognise contributions to heritage in the municipality. We received a very nice certificate as well as a beautiful box of local products that we are still drooling over and thinking about how best to enjoy!

It was a real thrill to receive this Award and is an encouragement to continue our work in preserving our important and unique local heritage.

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