Primary School Children Visit Heritage Centre

Murchison Primary School students from grade 2 through to grade 6 have visited the Heritage Centre  recently as they are studying local history and linking that to history of Australia.

It was fantastic to see their enthusiasm and interest. They firstly listened to an overview of the history of the district and then enjoyed the displays in the Gallery area. They asked very relevant questions and took notes to use back in the class-room.

Murchison history is very varied and has many links to the wider history of our Nation,  from the Aboriginal Protectorate, the impact of the Land Settlement Acts of the 1860’s, beginning of irrigation for the State, Day’s Mill, Camp 13 to the Ossario and Murchison Meteorite. There is lots to interest the children and for them to see how our local events are part of the broader history of our country.

We look forward to hosting more school visits in the future.

Children listen to introductory talk and ask questions (2).JPG

Children listen attentively to talk by Kay Ball

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