The Heritage Centre in Murchison will be part of the festivities for Tomato Festa, Sunday 6th of March.

The Centre, not usually open on Sundays will be open to join the fun and festivity of the occasion. Come along and see the displays about Murchison and district and how the area developed. The history of Murchison is very interesting and surprising in its variety.

As a special for the month of March and available on Tomato Festa day, the DVD Mainstream Through Murchison will be on sale for the reduced price of $7.

Mainsteam Through Murchison takes a graphic look at the rich history of life along the river at Murchison. The story begins with reference to the traditional occupation of the land by the age old Nguaria-illiam-warrung Clan, followed by the European’s attempts to peacefully assimilate with these people, establishment of the town as a crossing place, and the growth of the community which provided the base for the establishment of irrigation in Australia. Recognition is given to some past excesses, and current remedies to improve the river landscape for all in the future to enjoy the benefits delivered by the grand old stream.

This DVD is a great over-view of how important an influence the Goulburn River is to life and progress in the district.


Don’t forget to take time to come in to the Heritage Centre while you are enjoying Tomato Festa on Sunday 6th March in Murchison.


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