Brian Burke and Robert Smith

Robert Smith and Brian Burke, well known farmers at Moorilim and long term members of the Moorilim Fire Brigade both received a very special award, The National Medal for Service, presented on Australia Day at the wonderful Australia Day ceremony in Murchison. Brian was also awarded Australia Day Citizen of the Year for Murchison.

The National Medal for Service is awarded in recognition of service to the community by those who protect property or people who may be at risk or in danger in services such as police, fire, ambulance or the defence forces. To receive the Award, the person must have served at least 15 years or more performing the primary function of the organisation. The attractive bronze medal is suspended from a ribbon of bright blue and gold stripes and on the ribbon are placed bars for each further 10 years of service.

In both cases as long term diligent members of the Moorilim Fire Brigade, the ribbon has these extra bars for further years of continuous service to the community.

Last year Robert Smith was also awarded the CFA Life Membership Medal and Long Service Medal for 60 years continuous service to his local community.

These awards recognise outstanding voluntary service in situations where the recipient puts themselves at risk to save life and property. Both Brian and Robert deserve our grateful thanks and admiration for such long and faithful service.


National Medal for Service


CFA Life Membership and 60 years Service Medal




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