Family History Enquiries

Researching family history seems to be an increasingly popular activity judging by the number of requests lately. It is always great to be able to supply some details or fill in some gaps. It is also very rewarding when we can connect one branch of a family to another part of a family that was previously not known to the researcher.

People who approach us for assistance often share their research with the Society and this increases our data base of records, and in turn benefits the next enquirer looking for information  on that particular family. Sometimes we are given donations of items or photographs connected to Murchison families that enhance our Collection and which we are very pleased to receive.

When approached for family history, we are able to provide details by searching our Catalogue system for artefacts, photographs and documents. We have extensive hard copy family files, files on events, organisations and properties. Although our newspaper collection is incomplete for Goulburn Advertiser/Murchison Advertiser we have most copies from 1877 – 1959 and an index card system to assist to locate published items. We also have Cemetery Trust records, Anglican Church Baptism records from 1867, and an extensive reference library of local history books.

An Enquiry Sheet is completed to record the contact and we do charge a modest fee for time taken to conduct research, $20 for the first hour or part thereof and $5 per half hour after that.

It is preferable to arrange an appointment to visit the Heritage Centre for family history research so we can give our undivided attention to any requests. The Heritage Centre is located at 4 Stevenson Street, Murchison, Victoria.

Please see contact details elsewhere on this website to get in touch if wanting to conduct family history research.

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