Open Day at Day’s Mill

Parks Victoria who has responsibility for Day’s Mill and Farm, held an Open Day on Sunday 8th of November.

We drove out to Day’s Mill taking June Day with us who is always keen to visit the family farm when the opportunity arises.

An information brochure describes the Farm complex as … “the best preserved 19th Century flour mill in Victoria and contains probably the finest example of traditional milling technology in working form in its original setting in Australia. The property consists of the mill, a house and about a dozen farm buildings on 4 hectares (10 acres) of land south of Murchison… ” and it is classified by the National Trust.

William Day purchased the land in 1865 and set about to erect a two storey flour mill. After William died in 1872, his wife Ann was left to raise their 7 children who were then aged from 5 – 19 years. Ann showed considerable strength and capability over the next 20 years, successfully running a prosperous farming enterprise despite being a woman at a time when the business world was a male dominated arena.

June was born at the farm 87 years ago and lived there until the early 1980’s when she moved into the township of Murchison. We looked through the house, built in the early 1900’s, and there in one of the rooms is a wicker cot where June and her twin brother Robert, who were born prematurely, were nursed together “top to tail” all those years ago!

June thoroughly enjoyed looking around the property that Parks Victoria keep in tidy order, although there are many signs of ageing dilapidation.

Parks Victoria is attempting to gain funds and support for many of the repairs needed to keep this National treasure from deteriorating further.

John and Kay Ball


June Day & John Ball outside Day’s Mill house


Jun Day beside the cot

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