An Outer Space Experience

Warwick Holmes

Guest Speaker Warwick Holmes



Cooking up a Comet with Brandan







The special Event staged by Murchison and District Historical Society to celebrate History Week this year, ‘An Outer Space Experience’ on Saturday 24th October, was a great success.

There was a good attendance, some travelling considerable distance.  Everyone who came was amazed at the story of the Rosetta Space Mission as presented by Avionics Engineer, Mr. Warwick Holmes. Warwick is passionate about Space and Space exploration and also a huge fan of the Murchison Meteorite. He kept emphasising that the significance of the Murchison Meteorite can’t be overstated as it is the most important meteorite that has landed on Earth. Warwick worked for the European Space Agency and helped build the Spacecraft for the Rosetta Mission.

The Rosetta Space Mission, was a most amazing feat, sending a satellite millions of kilometres into Space to meet up with the Comet 67P, and to land on this Comet that was travelling at 18 kilometres a second – WOW! The lander then sampled the Comet surface and sent data back to Earth. It is so far away that there is a delay of 50 minutes for messages to be transmitted in either direction.

The Mission came about because of so many unanswered questions raised by the rare components of the Murchison Meteorite. Planning took nearly 5 years, building the Space craft took about 4 and half years and it was more than 10 years travelling to the Comet, not a rushed project!

In the Murchison Heritage Centre in Stevenson Street, you can see a sample and learn more about this 4.6 billion year old meteorite.  The Heritage Centre is open every Saturday morning 10 am – 12.30 pm, other times by arrangement and groups are always very welcome. To book a group or for general enquiries, ‘phone 0475 018 743.


A light hearted moment when Warwick explored the town



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