Now that spring has “sprung” and our Volunteers have returned from their travels, the Heritage Centre will be open every Saturday morning from 10am to 12.30pm starting from Saturday 19th September.

Whether you want to research your family history, ask a specific question or know more about the local area in general, you can find out lots of information from our records. The Historical Society has a library of books on local history in the Heritage Centre, a collection of local newspapers going back to 1877, a large number of photographs and documents catalogued on computer and hard copy files on organisations and events that are available for research. Displays in the Gallery area are extensive and showcase history, events and progress of the district.

You can also purchase local history books at the Heritage Centre, browse the displays at your leisure or meet a local on duty Saturday morning to find out about the unique and varied history of Murchison. You can see an overview of the development of the township or a snapshot of the internationally famous Murchison Meteorite by watching a DVD on our arrival.

Entry is only a gold coin donation for a great experience expanding your knowledge about Murchison and the local area.

Kay Ball, President, Murchison & District Historical Society Inc.


Local Landmark, Gregory’s Hotel and London Plain Tree

Notes from Victorian  Heritage Register about Gregory’s Hotel and London Plane Tree in front of the building:

  Gregory’s Hotel and  stables noted for  …. architectural, aesthetic and historical significance.

  London Plane Tree is significant  for …. aesthetic (landscape) significance, outstanding form, size and branch structure, one of the finest and largest London Plane Trees in Victora.

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