Remembrance Sunday at the Ossario


Every year on Remembrance Sunday in November, hundreds of relatives and friends gather in Murchison for a special ceremony to remember the 130 Italian Internees and Prisoners of War who died on Australian soil during the Second World War. Their remains are housed in the attractive Mediterranean style stone building known as the Ossario within the Murchison Cemetery.

This photo was taken on the 9th November in 2014 at the picnic gathering after the Commemoration of the Italian War Dead at the Murchison Ossario. These families are all internee descendants and friends who have been telling their stories to Mia Spizzica who is conducting her PhD studies on the Internees. Mia is interested in finding out more about the Internees and also the Ossario.

If you have a story about the Ossario or know of families who helped to build it please contact the Heritage Centre 0475 018 743 or email: or Mia Spizzica via mobile: 0400 200 235 or

Among other visitors to the Ossario who laid wreathes, were the Vazzoler family pictured below.


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