Decommissioning of Channel Number 1 Murchison


Channel No:1 empty and finished its useful life             First delivery of the pipes

History is in the making with work well under way of the major project of decommissioning part of Channel Number 1, a very early channel in the irrigation system, and converting the water delivery via a pipeline.
The section currently being converted runs alongside Gregory Road and down Hammond Lane to Chinaman’s Hill Road where it terminates into a large dam.
The large heavy duty plastic pipes are 500mm in diameter initially, tapering to 450mm and come in 12 metre lengths. These sections are welded together on site and lowered into a trench.
Local uses of this section of the system will be pleased to see this improvement and say goodbye to the constant leakage from the old channel which had become wide and shallow over time and in poor condition.
Goulburn Murray Rural Water Corporation have consulted with the water uses along the channel over several years and held many meetings to resolve the best way to deliver irrigation water efficiently along this section of Channel Number 1.
It is great to see all the planning now coming to fruition.


Pipeline ready to be laid                                               Welding the sections together



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