History Week a Success

The event to mark the beginning of History Week was very well attended.
Dr. Ian Clark presented an overview of his latest book, Goulburn River Aboriginal Protectorate on Sunday 20th October at the Community Centre in Murchison. Dr. Clark has been researching Victorian Aboriginal history for over 30 years and the book is a result of a study of the Murchison Protectorate started 14 years ago.
Warwick Finlay officially launched the new book on this early aspect of Murchison’s history. The Protectorate Station opened in 1840 and continued until 1853.
Among the visitors who attended were the great great great grandson and great great great granddaughter of King Charles Tattambo. King Charles was a notable Aboriginal who requested to be buried in a box like a white man and his grave is a very historic part of the Murchison cemetery. The Historical Society were delighted to establish contact with previously unknown descendants of King Charles. The book contains some very special photographs of the King and his family.
After Ian Clark’s presentation people were able to talk to the author, purchase a book and have him sign a copy of the newly launched publication.
The book is published by Ballarat Heritage Services and is available for purchase at the Heritage Centre for $33 (plus postage and handling if by mail order).

Email order to: murchison-historical-society@hotmail.com

There were a steady number of visitors over the week as the Heritage Centre was open each day during History Week.

Heritage Publishing Staff Dr Dorothy Wickham and Clare Gervasoni with Professor Ian Clark

Dr. Dorothy Wickham and Clare Gervasoni from Heritage Services Ballarat who published the book with Professor Ian Clark

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