Heritage Centre Closed over Winter.

Our regular open times on Saturday mornings are now in recess over winter. Visitor numbers to the town slow during winter and our members are also taking a break having holidays in warmer parts of the globe.
We have had a steady year of activity and the obtaining of funding for improvements to the building is the culmination of great team-work by our members over the last 4 years and strong support and guidance from City of Great Shepparton Community Development staff.
There are exciting times ahead as we move into this new stage of growth for the Murchison and District Historical Society when we will better able to showcase our surprising and varied local history. It will be great to have an eye-catching attractive building as the former Maternal and Child Health Centre is remodeled to enable the Society to more adequately accommodate our growing number of visitors. It will also be a town asset that can be utilized by other organisations and groups.
It is not yet known when the remodeling of the Heritage Centre will take place and so that means it is not possible to predict when we will be open again on a regular basis.
Any groups wishing to visit the Heritage Centre can still make enquiries and a tentative booking which can be confirmed when the date and time-table for our extension and renovations is clear.

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