Armstrong Siddeley Car Club Visit Heritage Centre

The Armstrong Siddeley Car Club

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Victorian Chapter of the Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club, 30 members from all corners of Victoria, travelled to Murchison to visit the Heritage Centre on Sunday 26th May, some driving their beautifully maintained and stylish cars.

It was a perfect autumn day, sunny with a gentle breeze.

The visitors were very interested to hear the story of Camp 13 enlivened with lots of interesting details by John Gribben and an eye witness account of the day the meteorite fell over Murchison in 1969 as told by Jan Hillgrove.

After enjoying a good look at the history displays in the Heritage Centre, the group drove down to Longleat Winery. Here they dined on the deck in the sunny weather. Sandra and Guido were excellent hosts and the food and wine received lots of complimentary remarks.

After leaving the Winery some of the group stopped at the Cemetery to see the Ossario and visit King Charles Tattambo’s grave to further experience aspects of the unique story that makes up Murchison’s rather special history.


Armstrong Siddeley Cars outside Murchison Heritage Centre



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