President Retires after 28 years of Service

After 28 years at the helm of the organisation, Warwick decided not to stand for re-election as President of Murchison and District Historical Society at the Annual General Meeting in March. This will mean he will have more time to pursue his first love of researching and writing history, and with Anne, take time to travel and spend more time with his son and family in Brisbane and his daughter and family who live in Boston USA.
Warwick has been President of the Society since its beginning. The Back-To-School event in 1985, celebrating 125 years of education in Murchison, raised a great deal of interest in local history and triggered the formation of the Historical Society in that year.
For many years the Society had no home of its own but under Warwick’s leadership, the Heritage Centre in Stevenson Street has been developed to provide the Society with a place where it can pursue its aims to preserve, promote and display our local heritage.
Over the years Warwick has been an outstanding source of historical knowledge to anyone enquiring about local history. He has written many, many, articles for local publications and also published two excellent history books – The Doctor, The Captain, The Poet and Others – commemorating 150 years of Murchison Township and Winter Irving an account of an early settler family with a significant presence in our local area.
In building his knowledge of local history Warwick has spent a great deal of time thoroughly researching for the facts and pursuing the detail that provide us with the story behind the events and people that have shaped Murchison and district.
It is due to his diligent influence that the Society is in a sound position as is confirmed by many visitors to the Heritage Centre who make complimentary remarks about the presentation of the Collection and the work of the Society members in promoting the local history.
Warwick will continue on the Committee and still take a major role as our knowledgeable historian.
Kay Ball has been elected President and is shaking in her shoes well aware that it will be impossible to fill Warwick’s, but will attempt to put her best foot forward!!

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