Trip to The Costume Collection

What a super day it was, and lots of fun! It was great to meet up again with Bryan and Loel Thomson at their city location where Loel has set up her fabulous Costume Collection. Loel’s collection has grown considerably since the days when the Thomson’s resided at Noorilim.
Members of Murchison Historical Society and family and friends made up the group of thirty. On Sunday the 4th of December we travelled down to Melbourne in comfort in one of Ford’s modern coaches.
The Costume Collection is just the most amazing display of costume, fashion and accessories and related information that reflects Australian society and times over the past 200 years. This is the private collection of Loel Thomson who has such skill and flare in displaying the clothing and accessories. You wander through the display, delighting in the presentation of one exhibit, only to be more enthralled with the next selection on show!
The exhibits are re-arranged regularly and although some people in our group had visited more than once before they were still seeing many items for the first time and fresh ways of displaying things that show off the items so well.
We had our picnic lunch in the delightful rear garden and then had a tour of the storage area. Here the items not on display are stored in a strictly organised way, faithfully catalogued and kept under conditions that ensure they are preserved in good order and in a system that means they can be located easily.
Bryan’s collection of motorbikes and motoring memorabilia did not go un-noticed of course – particularly by the male members of the group!
A gift basket of local Goulburn Valley produce beautifully prepared by Alice Cunningham from Wagner’s Fine Food Store in Murchison was presented by President Warwick Finlay to say thank-you to our warm and welcoming hosts, Bryan and Loel.
As we travelled home, we were all reflecting on what we had seen and agreed that the Costume Collection is a very special place to visit.
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