December News

Tents, tents and more tents – the Football Ground was a sea of tents! And bikes, bikes and more bikes around the town. What a wonderful time it was for Murchison to Host the Great Victorian Bike Ride this year.
4,950 riders registered and between 500 and 600 volunteer support crew. And so well organised. Our little town turned on the hospitality and there were lots of comments about how friendly and welcoming the inhabitants were!
The Historical Society borrowed Rushworth’s Penny Farthing and mounted a display on the history of the bicycle just to get into the swing of it all. Having a photo taken with the Penny Farthing was very popular with the visitors.
Our Heritage Centre was looking great with new and refreshed displays for the event. We have given the Murchison Meteorite a prominent position and there was a great deal of interest in the facts surrounding this most fascinating meteorite.
Our local history, POW Camp information and our latest acquisition of the 1 in 10 scale models of horse drawn vehicles all seemed to appeal judging by the complimentary comments in our visitors book.
We also offered ‘phone charging for the visitors and this kept our members very busy with a successful system to ensure the right phone was returned to the rightful owner!
Even the weather improved during the Bike riders stay in Murchison after enduring wild wind and teeming rain the two days before.
So all in all and very successful event for the riders and for Murchison.
Kay Ball
Murchison Historical Society
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