With winter in full swing the number of visitors to our town decreases and the number of our members travelling to warmer climes increases, so we have closed our regular opening time on each Saturday morning but are open on request.

At the end of June we completed our very successful Heritagecare Project. Murchison & District Historical Society has been involved in the Community Stewardship Project since November last year. The aim of the project was to catalogue our reference library and historical photographs and we made marvellous progress that we could not have achieved without this outside help.


The Heritagecare Project Officer was able to enlist three volunteers all of whom have computer skills and one is a qualified librarian. They all displayed a focussed approach to their tasks and committed 2 days a week to the work over the last 6 months. Our Heritage Centre became a hive of activity with increased member involvement to support the volunteers in various ways such as having photographs ready with catalogue details for them to work on, computer support (we purchased a second computer, upgraded our Maxus system to enable networking) and making sure tea and lunch breaks were enjoyed. In the process members were able to learn more about our collection and the details of history previous unknown to them.


The Heritagecare Project Officer was very supportive, undertaking all the advertising & recruitment, assisted us with the process of interviews, orientation, including OH&S standards, setting up of the Management Plan and Project Agreement and ensured none of the formalities were at all onerous.


The whole process has been enjoyable and very rewarding, stimulated a ground swell of activity at our Heritage Centre and we have achieved what we set out to do. Based on our experience we would recommend any Historical Society consider involvement with an Heritagecare Project.




Our hard working volunteer team


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