History Week   –  Sunday 16th to Sunday 23rd October

Heritage Centre, 4 Stevenson Street Murchison open every day 11 am to 2 pm

Entry gold coin donation

Special event:  Join us for afternoon tea on Friday 21st at 2.30pm to celebrate the launch of 2nd edition of Warwick Finlay’s book :  Winter-Irving

Enquiries & RSVP: murchison-historical-society@hotmail.com

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Goulburn Weir

The highest rainfall on record has been recorded for the month of September in our area. Water is cascading over the Goulburn Weir and the powerful volume is surging down the river, making the level very high at Murchison.


Goulburn Weir 30th September 2016


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An opportunity for family fun at Day’s Mill this Sunday. The farming complex will be open from 10.30am – 1.30pm and entry is free. Come along and experience 150 years of perfectly preserved history, a fine example of milling technology still in its original setting.

days-mill     The Mill from the rear


Day’s Mill house

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Heritage Centre Open on Regular Basis

Now that spring is here and members are returning from their travels, the Heritage Centre at 4 Stevenson Street Murchison will be open on a regular basis from Saturday 17th September. Each Saturday morning from 10 am to 12.30 pm we will welcome visitors who can enjoy the displays in the gallery and learn about our special local history.

We are planning to celebrate History Week in October with the launch of a revised 2nd edition of Warwick Finlay’s book Winter-Irving. The new edition will be in colour and will include additional material. The Heritage Centre will be open each day during History Week too so there will be more opportunity to visit and also obtain a copy of the new Winter-Irving book.       

Noorilim drawing.png

Noorilim, Murchison, architechtural drawing c.1878


William Winter-Irving 1840 – 1901









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History Meander around Murchison

There are two walks you can do around Murchison, mapped out in a little pocket size booklet called Walk in Greater Shepparton produced by our local Council. The shorter walk called History Meander is 1km return, starts at Meteorite Park and finishes at the Heritage Centre. Along the way you will find lots of information about the eventful history of the town. Copies of the booklet can be obtained at the Murchison Bakery and Wagner’s Produce Store in Stevenson Street Murchison and from the Visitor Information Centre in Shepparton. I apologise that reproduction (below) causes the map and tour guide to blur. Best pick up the booklet!

Kay Ball

Murchison History meander map         Murchison History meander

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Stuart Murray Canal during maintenance

No, settle down – not an old FLAME, although it did take our breath away when first seen!!

No. 4 flume, one of five that are in place between the Goulburn Weir and Murchison along the Stuart Murray Canal (SMC), has been exposed from its normal under-water location when the canal was drained to facilitate maintenance works by Goulburn Murray Water (GMW). A flume is similar to an aqua-duct or bridge over a drainage depression or creek as part of the canal, carrying water across that natural waterway.

Jarrod O’Brien, Project Office from GMW, supplied some historical detail. “The timber flume was constructed around 1890 and was operational for around 25 years. The existing pipe (subway) structure comprises of approximately 140m of 900mm diameter cast in situ reinforced concrete pipe, which was originally constructed in 1915. This section was built so as to facilitate the decommissioning of an existing timber flume, which until then had been used to carry flows in the canal over a sizeable natural drainage depression. To remedy erosion damage surrounding the downstream headwall, another 25m of 900mm diameter rubber ring jointed (RRJ), reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) was added in the mid 1980’s.

Over the last 35 years, the concrete in the subway has become increasingly degraded. Structural cracks have resulted in leaks, and the integrity of the concrete after a century of use has been questionable for some time. The replacement works currently underway today are being completed to address these issues.”

It may be a very long time before No. 4 flume is again exposed and so fully visible.

Murchison is the site of the first public funded irrigation system in Victoria and the original pump site is still in existence beside the Goulburn River. Further historical detail and photos of the flume in the SMC are a great addition to our irrigation story which is a significant part of Murchison’s varied history.


No. 4 flume

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With some of our hardworking volunteers taking time off during winter to travel and seek some warmer weather, our regular Saturday morning opening sessions at Murchison Heritage Centre will be in recess til the spring.

Although tourist numbers dwindle during the colder months, we welcome visitors by arrangement during this time – group bookings can be organised by ringing Janet on 5826 2363. We are looking forward to hosting several group visits during June and July as we are always keen to share our unique history. The feedback from visitors is always encouraging and they tell us they enjoy learning about Murchison’s surprising and varied history.

Some Historical Society members will still be working behind the scenes with the important tasks of cataloguing, filing family history records, updating displays and revising some publications. We will resume regular Saturday morning openings in the warmer weather with some fresh displays organised and plans for History Week in October, to share nearer the time. Keep up to date by checking this website from time to time or register a link and you will be informed when a new item is posted.

This early photo shows cattle arriving at the cattle yards opposite Gregory's Hotel. Those attending cattle sales were regular guests at the Hotel..jpgThis early photograph shows cattle arriving for the cattle sales opposite Gregory’s Hotel, originally Thorne’s Bridge Hotel.



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