Pick My Project is an initiative of the Victorian State government whereby the community can vote on a submitted project of their choice.
I am Kay Ball and a keen fan of the Murchison meteorite!


Kay with Murchison meteorite sample

My project in partnership with Murchison & District Historical Society is called: RARE AS MOON DUST – 50 YEARS SINCE MURCHISON METEORITE LANDED, a project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the landing of the world-famous Murchison meteorite on 28th September 1969.

We will celebrate over the month of September 2019 with major events on the weekend of 27th, 28th and 29th. Activities planned range from fantastic sound and light cosmos show, re-enactment of the sonic boom that heralded the arrival of the meteorite, installation of an iconic sculpture in the gardens, unveiling of a mural, presentations by high profile guest speakers, stargazing and laser light show, space treasure hunt for children, book launch, display of meteorite and other exotic minerals, commemorative souvenirs and lots of fun! The event will offer an opportunity to acknowledge the significance of the Murchison meteorite and further our understanding of how it has added to world-wide knowledge of our solar system.
The opportunity to vote has already opened and will continue until 5pm on Monday 17 September 2018. Anyone who lives within 50km of Murchison and is 16 years or older is eligible to vote for this project.

To register your vote simply visit pickmyproject.vic.gov.au, or facebook.com/pickmyproject or ‘phone 1800 797 818.

I do hope you will consider to vote for this project that will fund the celebration of this important event that has resulted in a significant contribution to science. It will not only bring visitors to the region in September 2019, it will also provide ongoing attractions such as the planned sculpture by notable artist James Geurts, that will identify our town with an amazing event, the landing of the Murchison meteorite, now and into the future.
Your vote can make this happen!

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Murchison Meteorite Still Contributing to Science

A recently conducted study published in Nature Astronomy in July this year reveals the Murchison meteorite that broke up over the skies of Murchison in 1969, is still, 49 years later, providing material for scientific study and unlocking mysteries of our solar system. This current study of Murchison meteorite adds to the knowledge about the behaviour of the sun in its early existence.

Cosmochemist Dr. Philipp Heck, joint author of the paper who is Curator of Meteorites at Chicago Field Museum and Associate Professor at University of Chicago, describes the Murchison meteorite as ‘a treasure trove for science because it contains so much unaltered material from the very early solar system’.

Samples of the Murchison meteorite were analysed using a mass spectrometer at a University in Switzerland and gave scientist a picture of the sun’s violent behaviour during its early life. Using an infrared laser, gases were released from the crystals within the meteorite and the nature and changes in these gases showed that they had been subjected to bursts of radiation; violent, ferocious eruptions from the sun that irradiated matter nearby. The findings of this study provide evidence to support a long-held theory that the sun went through a very explosive time in its early life.

Murchison meteorite at 4.6 billion years old, predates the planets in our solar system as we know it today, and evidence of the effects of irradiation from the sun have not been found in younger meteorites that have landed on Earth or in rocks present on planet Earth nor moon rocks, which indicates the slowing down of that early violent and fiery behaviour at some stage.

It is no wonder the Murchison meteorite is regarded as a very significant meteorite and exhibits can be seen in museums across Australia and around the globe.

When we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the landing of the Murchison meteorite in September next year, Dr. Philipp Heck who was involved in this latest study, will be one of our high-profile guest presenters.

Kay Ball, President, Murchison & District Historical Society Inc.

Sample of Murchison meteorite on display at Melbourne Museum

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Heritage Centre over Winter

Our regular Saturday morning open times are in recess over winter and will resume in September.

For group bookings and enquiries please ring Janet 03 5826 2363.

Other enquires please ring 0475 018 743 and leave a message. The telephone is not checked every day but we will answer your enquiry as soon as possible.

Email messages will be answered more promptly.

Thank-you, Kay Ball, President.

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Wonderful Trip to Costume Collection

Many will remember Bryan and Loel Thomson who owned Noorilim for many years – a very beautiful property that they restored and shared with the community for many fundraising events and were a tremendous supporter of the Murchison Historical Society. During their time at Noorilim, Loel built a spectacular Museum and collection of costume and accessories. They are now well established in Bulleen since relocating to Melbourne where Loel has recreated the Museum.

1950’s display

Eye catching exhibit

Twenty nine members and friends had the most wonderful day on a coach trip to the Costume Collection at the Thomson’s in Bulleen on 4th of May. It is hard to give an adequate description of the displays so well presented by Loel; they are varied, professionally exhibited, cleverly presented and reflecting Australian social history – right through from mid 1800’s to the 1980’s – just amazing! The information accompanying the displays is fascinating and Loel faithfully attends to every detail, as well as providing an often humorous and thorough introductory talk on arrival. Bryan has motoring memorabilia on display as well, enjoyed by the men folk as well as the ladies.

Clever display with reflection

The weather was showery so we enjoyed our picnic lunch at tables set up in the motoring display area on the lower floor.

Sadly Bryan and Loel’s days at this ideal location are numbered as the property has been compulsorily acquired for an extension to the freeway. Finding a suitable person to take over this very special collection of costume is a work in progress.

Our group were so pleased we planned this trip to the Costume Collection and to catch up with the Thomson’s when we did, for one last very enjoyable visit.

Display of shoes over the years

Laundry scene


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ANZAC Day 2018

Each year hundreds of Murchison families gather at the dawn service on ANZAC Day to remember those that fought in wars for our freedom. It is always a moving service, starting in the dark before dawn and continuing as the sun rises to reveal our garden surroundings in the early morning light.

The war memorials in Murchison Riverbank Gardens and the floral tributes placed on the monument during the service.

They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old: 

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,

We will remember them.


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Lively Annual General Meeting

It was great to see a good roll up of members at the AGM of the Murchison Historical Society on 20th of March.
The Presidents report related many activities reflecting another successful year. Highlight of the past year was the winning of the Cultural Heritage Award for the development of the Heritage Centre which now provides a great experience for visitors and improved facilities for volunteers to care for the Collection and promote Murchison’s unique history. Another achievement was the launch of Art Captured during History Week, the story of Hans Wolter von Gruenewaldt and his art relating to his time spent in POW Camp 13 Murchison. The book has been well received and can be purchased for $25. at the Heritage Centre in Murchison, Tatura Museum and Shepparton Information Centre or mail order by telephoning 0475 018 743 (postage extra).
Results of the Election of Office bearers for the coming year were as follows: President – Kay Ball, Vice President and Treasurer – Jeff Huddle, Secretary – Marg Lock, Committee – John Ball, Janet Clark, Warwick Finlay, Gloria Polkinghorne and we welcomed a new face on the Committee – Warwick Gregory.
Our guest Speaker was Geoff Allemand from Lost Shepparton who shared the story of the development of the Lost Shepparton Facebook page and the success of this medium in bringing images to light that relate events and places long forgotten and photographs that may well have ended up at the tip! Information is contributed when the events, people, places or buildings no longer in existence are identified. Followers treasure the memories that the photographs help to recall. It is an amazing record of Shepparton’s past that could well have been lost and forgotten. Geoff has helped to set up sites for many other towns in the Goulburn Valley as well. The link to the site is: https://www.facebook.com/lostshepparton/ Several books have resulted in the material that has been gained via the Lost Shepparton site and they are a great collection of images giving a pictorial history of Shepparton long forgotten. Members enjoyed meeting and talking to Geoff and learning about his work.

Margaret Brown presented Geoff with a gift of appreciation.

Members of the Society looks forward to the coming year and working to further develop resources and promote the history of the Murchison district.

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Our next meeting is the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and it will be held on

                                               Tuesday 20th of March 2018 at 7.30pm

in the Heritage Centre.

Our Guest speaker will be GEOFF ALLEMAND from Lost Shepparton Shop

All welcome.

The meeting will be followed by supper.

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